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Symbols: Description: bold or italic: Bold or italic text indicates a system task or function keyword. class base; function yyy (int x); endfunction endclass class class1 extends base; function yyy (int x); endfunction endclass class class2 extends.
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  • If all your function calls are outside procedural contexts you might be able to get away with passing in a constant as an argument.
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    In the macro, R by itself is the argument that gets substituted.

  • I've googled unpacked v packed arrays but I cannot understand what is the issue, I just want to set this pin as an output.
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    However, the argument I shows up twice in the body of the macro; first by itself, and then surrounded by ``I``.

  • Instead of passing:.
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    The purpose of a function is to return a value that is to be used in an expression.

  • an element of an unpacked array.
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    Any input arguments will become C++ arguments to the function.

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