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  • The Eastern Copperhead, also known as the Southern copperhead, thrives only in a tiny region surrounding the panhandle of Florida.
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  • Thus it is highly improbable that you will come into contact.
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    Jan 5, 2021 · search for Florida snakes filter by region Filter by Region Northern Florida (49) Central Florida (35) Southern Florida (38) Florida Keys (16) filter by venomous or non-venomous Non-venomous or Venomous Non-venomous (47) Venomous (6).

  • Thankfully, however, the young snakes are easy to identify.
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  • They are patient hunters, lying camouflaged in leaves waiting on a meal.
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    to something that is toxic when ingested while “venomous” means secreting venom, by way ofa bite or sting.

  • A diamondback rattlesnake can grow to a fearsome length.
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    Eastern (Southern) Copperhead.

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